Cocktail Book


Cider Cocktails: Another Bite of the Apple by Darlene Hayes. The first collection of cider cocktail recipes published since Prohibition. Nineteenth and early 20th century cocktail manuals are full of cider-based drinks – punches and fizzes and toddies and more – but cider didn't bounce back into North America's glasses until recently. Now that it's easily available again, cider is finding its way into the creative tool box of many modern mixologists. And who not? Cider is made in a whole range of flavours and styles, providing ample opportunity to exploit its mixing possibilities. With 30 cocktail recipes inspired by pre-Prohibition classics and today's craft cocktail movement plus 10 recipes for cider-infused appetizers, Cider Cocktails – Another Bite of the Apple gives cocktail and cider enthusiasts alike something exciting to prepare for their next big event or an evening with a handful of friends.