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What a year

We are wrapping up harvest at the cidery now. All the apples have been pressed, which is amazing. The juice is fermenting away in the tanks & we will soon start racking into the maturation tanks. Our ciders are made in a more similar style to wine - we use the apples (all local) at harvest, press them on-site and ferment/mature over winter. This allows the flavours to blend and the harsher edges of the acidity and tannins to mellow and soften.

For some ciders, this takes longer than others. We still haven't bottled and released our 2019 bittersweet/bittersharp blend from our orchard. I know there a quite a few of you waiting as we've been teasing you with it for ages. The cider just wasn't ready & we don't want it released until it is. We have plans to release in 2021. Hopefully early 2021. I'm thinking 2021 will be about good news (can't be any worse than 2020, right?).

The 2020 Harvest Report:

We had a dry summer - the apples from our (non-irrigated) orchard came off the trees with very high brix, as high as 20.5 for one variety (which will lead to high abv in those ciders). We are hoping the early summer drought won't impact 2021 harvest too much (the lack of water at the critical bud-setting time in May/June may limit the flowering next year)

The apple fans amongst us will be happy to know that Golden Russet trees were having a more typical year in 2020 & we have juice in tanks maturing. It's tasting fruity and delightful. I can't wait to bottle in the Spring and release it to you.

We also have a couple of super small batches from our orchard - a single varietal (first one in Canada!) and a blend. Both will be release in Spring 2021 (we think).

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