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Cidermakers and Orchardists

Gary & Sara cidermakers and orchardists sitting at table overlooking orchard enjoying cider

Sara and Gary, fueled by a passion for the age-old craft of cider-making, planted the seeds of a cidery in 2017. Originating from the UK and seasoned with 5 years in the USA, our family uprooted to Prince Edward County with one mission: to craft the quintessential dry cider that captured the essence of European traditions.

Picture this – over 10 acres of lush apple orchards, adorned with 3300+ meticulously selected trees, each bearing the legacy of centuries of cider-making expertise from both Europe and North America. We proudly share our labor of love: a cider brimming with tannins and flavor profiles that rival the complexity of fine wines.

But this isn’t just a tale of orchards; it’s a testament to dedication. Each and every tree, a testament to our commitment, has been planted by our own hands.  Join us on a sip-worthy odyssey as we introduce Ontario to the unparalleled delight of dry ciders, handcrafted with love, tradition, and a touch of the unexpected. Welcome to a world where every drop is a celebration of our roots, a fusion of old-world charm and new-world innovation. Raise your glass to the extraordinary – because at our cider company, tradition never tasted so good.

Orchard dog Lagan sitting in cider orchard
Our dog Lagan, who enjoys his time in the orchard looking for voles

Our Cider

Dive into the exceptional world of Loch Mór Cider, where our blends are more than just beverages—they’re a symphony of carefully chosen heritage and cider varieties. Each apple is pressed on-site, undergoing a slow, cool fermentation that transforms them into liquid gold.

At Loch Mór, we take pride in being rebels against excess sweetness. We believe in the power of full flavor without the need for an overdose of sugar.

wine barrels and stainless tanks fermenting and ageing cider
Barrels and tanks slowly fermenting and ageing cider
ontario dry craft cider
A selection of our ciders which have won awards

Prepare your taste buds for a journey of award-winning excellence with our ciders at the helm. The applause from cider judges resonates loud and clear, echoing the victory of over 25 prestigious awards earned in the past five years. These accolades, both national and international, speak volumes about the unparalleled quality we bring to your glass.

Among our crowning achievements is the title of Best Cider of the Year at the 2021 WineAlign Awards, a testament to our commitment to crafting perfection sip by sip. The pinnacle of our triumphs includes four Best in Class awards from GLINTCAP, the largest cider competition on the planet.

So, why settle for ordinary when you can savour the extraordinary? Join us in celebrating a legacy of excellence, where every sip is a triumph, and every bottle is a symbol of our relentless pursuit of cider perfection. Elevate your cider experience with an award-winning touch.

Cider is wine made with apples & our cider is true to that heritage. It pairs beautifully with a meal.

As one of only four Canadian Certified Pommeliers, ask Sara for suggestions on a food pairing for your cider when you’re next visiting the cidery.

Flight of cider on table with lunch which is a box of charcuterie and cheese

Our Gnarly Apples 

Brown Snout bittersweet cider apple tree in orchard overlooking the cidery building in prince edward county ontario at sunset
Brown Snout apples nearing harvest

The apples we grow are gnarly. They are often small, knobbly and some even have the texture of sandpaper (aka russeting). We don’t manage our trees for the appearance of the apples (because we don’t need to). 

The soil in our orchard is shallow and stony (18-36”) on fragmented limestone bedrock, known as Hillier clay loam. Our trees have to work to get their moisture & our apples tend to have a high sugar content, which concentrates the flavours in the juice. 

muddy orchard boots in cider orchard prince edward county
Muddy boots during snowy planting season

Bin of harrison cider apples waiting for the press at the orchard in prince edward county cidery
Harrison apples waiting for the press

Cider apples can be classified into a few broad categories related to tannin content, acidity level and other elements, which helps us, as cidermakers, think about how we can blend them. Within each of those categories, there is still a wide range of flavour profiles – we learn more about this every harvest as more of our trees start to come into production.

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